How to Have Fun with Desert Safari Dubai?

Dubai is a city of sky-high buildings, exotic nightlife, glittering skyline, Arabian culture, and unparalleled rich experiences. But the name that surpasses all is the desert safari Dubai.

Intensifying Activities in Desert Safari Dubai

The Desert Safari is a recreational spot with a series of unending matchless activities. The itinerary with a myriad of thrilling experience all day long and a portentous night with rich culture make one’s experience worth cherishing. With the first crack of the dawn, you will explore different activities with inclusion of subtle hot air balloon, rebellious Quad bike, hilarious sand bashing, jovial camel ride, and star-studded nights in the midst of the desert. Your pleasure is uncaged while bashing up and down the massive piles of sand.

Desert Sunrise

To have fun at its height, experience the sublime eloquence of the desert with the first glimpse of the sun. With handsome packaged deals many reliable agencies are offering an opportunity in this respect. Hence, go for Google to book your safari online. The journey starts with pick and drop from your point early in the morning. Riding in 4wd wheels through the sand stretches watching the rise of the sun with its full vitality is enchanting. The drop back of the desert is spell bounding with the orange-red colour of the sun rays across the vast sky. The cool breeze of the desert is scintillating the whole atmosphere.

Sand Dune Bashing

In spite of the desert aridity, the barren landscape is highly transformed into a fun land with the most thrilling experience of sand bashing. With the proficient drivers, a 30 minutes’ drive in 4×4 wheels Land Cruiser jumping up and down the massive sandy piles is rebellious. The other top most desert expedition which everyone must try is sandsurfing. With bound feet on the board to unleash your stress while sliding down the shiny dunes of the sand is ecstatic.

Air Balloon Ride

 Fun in barren sandy terrain is a break from the tiresome day-to-day activities to thrill and enthusiasm. Parachute gliding 4000 feet above the vast Arabian Desert is another truly unique and unforgettable experience. While soaring high with the birds flying and feeling the kiss of the air on the cheeks is beyond imagination. The best time to enjoy it is, the sunrise. Here, you must have camera to see is the grandeur of the terrain.

Quad Bike Ride

Another nerve-racking thrill that fulfils all the requirements of an unmatched journey. Get on the monster of the desert i.e. “Four-Wheeler Bike” and bash the sandy piles is enough to raise the rebellious instinct of a free spirit. If you are a bike lover, you can dive in the ocean of the sand, throwing the sandy clouds behind you over the sky. Disappearing and appearing right at the next moment in the vast plains of the sand is outrageous.

Some Salient Features to Have Fun

Following things will help you to enjoy your safari completely; wear comfortable clothes and shoes, keep yourself hydrated, have hats, sunglasses, umbrellas and sunblock, must keep cameras and motion sick medicines.

Camel Ride

The main highlight of the desert itinerary is camel ride. A ride in the lonesome desert with quiet camels, take you in the old decades of the Arabian lifestyle of people. The view of the sunset with the golden-brown hue of the sand while the camels walk peacefully is worth captured. The outer serenity of the desert instigates your inner peace

The Spell-Casting Beauty of Dubai Desert Landscape

Desert safari is, all in all, in its beauty whatever the time is.

  1. If you are a beauty seeker and want to witness the glory of the sunrise you must select Morning Desert Safari.
  2. For your desire to witness the euphoria of the sun sinking in the sandy ocean, Afternoon Time is the best.
  3. If you are a lover for the serenity of the night under the starry sky, Overnight Desert Safari is best for your pursuit.

A Subtle Night with Stargazing

It’s time for feast and party all night. Tired of the desert activities, the hours approach to relax. With the package of heart-throbbing activities like B.B.Q dinner with live and magical dances, Henna tattoos, Hookah smoking, experience the Bedouin lifestyle, traditional culture wearing Arabian dresses, and the most important of all to spend the whole night under the naked sky ornamented with the sparkling stars.

Finally, all these rib-tickling throbs are enough to make your itinerary a full-fledged fun spa.

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