How to outperform the competition with the help of Estate agent tools?

If you are an estate agent you will certainly agree that the estate industry is a highly competitive field. You have to work hard on a constant basis to stand apart from your competitors to get more clients then only you can succeed at your business. That is why if you want to have an edge over your competitors there are many estate agent tools available. You can use excellent tools like online valuation tool to distinguish your brand from your competitors. 

You can find out the details about the best estate agent tools you can use to achieve your goals and thrive in the estate business. 

  • Lead generators 

One of the great estate agent tools that you can use to increase your sales is online lead generators. It allows you to select the leads you want to work with to convert them into potential clients and you can use the tool on a continuous basis. 

Further, you can also create a lead magnet on your estate agency website to attract leads through engaging blogs about properties, a free e-book about finding the best properties, and more. By doing this you can collect lots of email addresses of the leads and contact them if they are interested in your services. In this way, you can compete against your competitors without losing more leads to them 

  1. Instant online valuation tool 

Your customers only need to enter their email address, name, and their contact address to get an instant valuation for their property. This is an excellent tool that works every time to get more leads. After you get the lead you can contact them and offer the property appraisal in person or virtually according to their preference. You can impress them with these services so they will wish to continue doing business with you. 

  1. New technology

Today to keep up with the new technological advancement, you have to use the same in your estate business. You can use the new technology for your marketing that will help you attract lots of clients and maintain a professional relationship with them. 

For instance, you can use chatbots so the people who want to contact you can do it immediately as soon as they visit your website. They can also get the basic information they need about your estate services even if you are not working on that day. This helps you to be always connected to people. 

Further another effective modern tool you can use in your business is social media. You can start your business page on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or others to find new clients and engage your followers. As a result, you can distinguish your services from your competitors.  

  1. Online reviews

Online reviews are also a great tool because it shows what the general audience thinks about your services. Therefore focus on getting as much as positive reviews as possible so that your leads may notice it. After viewing the great reviews your leads may decide to hire you and it will enable you to be different than your competitors in the area. So build your reputation by collecting reviews from your satisfied clients and posting them publicly on your website and social media pages. 

  1. High–resolution images and videos 

If you are advertising homes on your websites and social media pages, choose images and videos that are of high quality. Then only you can make a good impression on your potential clients. Get help from a professional photographer to capture excellent images of the listed properties and let them take the images from the right angles and lighting. 

Don’t forget to take photos of the property’s interiors and exteriors, so the viewers can get a complete gallery of the property images. Clicking eye-catching property photos will definitely give you an edge over your competitors. 

    6.Benchmark your competition 

If you want to know clearly whether you are performing better than your competitors then you have to benchmark your competition. You can use the valuation tool to evaluate how many leads you lost or gained and by doing this know your status in the area you are operating. You can also find out the details of the total number of leads generated in your area the previous month and also which estate agency got the most. Having these details will help you to plan, improve and progress in your business.

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