Process to get online Azeri visa from UAE

People avoid applying for visas just because of the complications that one has to go through via the embassy. Azerbaijan is a famous country for its tourism and hospitality. Also know that people of UAE are quite fond of traveling and so if you want to travel to Azerbaijan from UAE then you need to know about the easiest way to get the visa. You can avoid all the manual efforts and complications posed by the embassy by using the Azerbaijan e visa facility. Online Azerbaijan visa is valid for more than 90 countries and luckily UAE is one of them so you can easily apply from the digital portals.

Getting the Azerbaijan e visa is very easy as you don’t have to get into lines and queues. The process to get the online Baku visa is less than ten to twenty minutes and you can get the visa document issued in less than three days at most. Newbie applicants don’t have to worry about applying for the Azerbaijan e visa as the digital team is there for your assistance at all times.

How to apply for the online visa Azerbaijan?

Before you apply for the online visa you need to know about the requirements.

Basic requirements to get e visa

Here we have discussed the most common Azerbaijan visa requirements that you must complete.

  1. First of all, you need a passport. Without a passport, there’s no way you can get them online or the typical Azerbaijan visa! The passport should be valid for at least three months from the time you enter Azerbaijan in case you are applying for an Azerbaijan e visa. For the typical visa, you need to make sure that the validity is over 120 days. 
  2. You need to attach a digital copy of your digital passport and two recently taken passport-size photos with the e-visa application form.
  3. Know that Azerbaijan e visa is obtained via email so you need to provide a formal email address for correspondence. You are going to get the online visa in your email from where you can save it on your device.
  4. The last important requirement you need to fill to get the Azerbaijan e visa is you need to pay the visa fee. The visa fee must be paid in advance. You must know that this fee is non-refundable even if your visa request gets denied.

You can apply for the visa online and complete this process within minutes. Just make sure that the information you provide in the digital application is accurate and can be verified by the Azeri embassy. These instructions are applicable for all types of Azerbaijan visas. 

Azerbaijan e visa is quite easy to obtain as compared to the conventional tourism visa. An important thing you need to know about this visa is that it is only valid for a month. After that, you need to apply for an extension from the embassy. Get Personal Loan HBL Bank

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