Steve Ziemke’s Rise From Insurance Sales to Gulf Coast Western Leader

Insurance industry veteran Steve Ziemke made the pivot to oil and gas investments, bringing decades of sales experience to Gulf Coast Western. Though insurance and fossil fuels seem entirely different, Ziemke realized sales was his underlying passion all along.

Ziemke’s insurance roles propelled him to state and national leadership positions through constant skill building. But when industry changes signaled a need for change, Ziemke saw oil and gas investments suited his sales strengths.

The transition wasn’t seamless. Ziemke had to quickly learn the ropes of a complex new industry. As he explains, “I had no idea what I was getting into.” By doubling down on sales fundamentals, Ziemke gained momentum.

Core lessons paved Ziemke’s growth. He continuously improves his communication abilities and structures time efficiently. He also gathers feedback and tries new techniques, even when uncomfortable.

According to Ziemke, “Going the extra mile is what has helped me learn the necessary skills to gain a foothold and develop my career.” Though different fields, insurance honed Ziemke’s skills for success in oil and gas investments.


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