Telling Signs You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

We use sinks, showers, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures every day. So it should be no surprise that these appliances are most prone to filth and damage in your household. Cleaning the drains yourself can only go so far, because at some point, they will deteriorate due to frequent usage.

As important as it is, fixtures need more than just maintenance to retain their full functionality. Prevent any inconvenient plumbing accidents by consulting a drain cleaning service for your home.

Signs You Need a Drain Cleaning Service

Plumbing issues may start out as minor inconveniences, but once a fixture becomes unusable, it becomes a major problem. Watch out for the incidents that can indicate when it’s time to look for a drain cleaning company.

Slow, Frequent, or Multiple Clogged Drains

Does the sink or shower take forever to clear out? You may be experiencing “standing water,” in which water takes goes down the pipes at a very slow pace. This is often caused by clogged drain lines, where the pipe is blocked by dirt or other nuisance objects. 

The causes vary according to the fixture, location, and other factors. For example, fats, oils, and leftover food are top reasons for clogging kitchen sinks. On the other hand, hair strands or clumps of soap can stop water from clearing out. 

Gurgling Sounds

Strange gurgling sounds are often accompanied by standing water. In other words, the gurgles are another effect of having a clogged drain. The sight of dirty, grimy water certainly won’t help, especially when you’re trying to keep your space clean. If you hear gurgling in pipes, it’s time to investigate the fixture’s condition.

Sewage Smells and Unpleasant Odors

Foul odors aren’t unheard of in the bathroom. However, a sewage-like smell that emanates from the toilet or sink indicates problems with the pipes. This stench is often caused by bacteria growth, leakage, and other plumbing issues. It may lead to the development of hazardous gases like hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, which can ultimately harm your health. 

Dirty Water Backup

When dirty water rises to the tub, bathing time becomes unsanitary. This issue is a sign of faulty plumbing and—more often than not—a clogged drain. Water turns murky because of the filthy substances that fill up the tubes. In case of contact, make sure to wash up properly to avoid the risk of skin infections. Don’t forget to find the best drain cleaner to take care of the job.

Sudden Increase in Water Bill

Costs are already troublesome enough, and to add to that, an alarming surge in your water bill may mean a dysfunctional drainage system. Your bill is probably higher because of a leakage—which is already a plumbing issue in itself. Consult a plumber for sewer and drain cleaning to stop leakage and wasting precious water.

The Benefits of Getting a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

While it’s great to be clean plumbing fixtures by yourself, you still need to take steps for maintenance. Here’s why you should look for a drain service to help you encounter less plumbing problems.

Effective and Safe Drain Cleaning 

Cleaning the drain can come with a number of health and safety risks. Some issues involve chemicals, gases, and substances that need to be dealt with by an expert. Although you can bear the brunt of maintenance, you’ll need the help of a drain plumber for deeper, safer cleaning.

Eliminates Odors 

Keeping all your rooms sanitary should be top priority. This includes getting rid of filth and stench in kitchens and bathrooms. With proper drain cleaning, plumbers can eliminate foul odors and restore your household. Plus, this helps keep you and your loved ones safe from bacteria.

Expert Plumbing 

The point of seeking drain cleaning services is to minimize plumbing problems in the future. By hiring an expert plumber, you will encounter less emergency situations. This is because trained plumbers not only clean or unclog drains—they also solve what causes the issue. It’s a deeper measure than merely addressing the effects of the problem.

Saves Time and Money

Household services are almost always a long-term investment. Think about it: You don’t have to spend constantly on cleaning supplies. Additionally, you save time and energy since you don’t have to check plumbing issues on the daily. An expert drain cleaning service will provide all of these for you with thoroughness and efficiency.

Gives You Peace of Mind

A smooth household contributes to the health, safety, and satisfaction of inhabitants. There’s nothing more wonderful to have a good and clean home—one that has less risk of inconveniences and diseases. By investing on the best drain cleaner in your area, you will lessen the chances of facing these challenges.

FAQs On Plumbing Services

Before looking for a plumber, consider the following concerns. Then, look for a drain cleaning service that fits your needs.

What Counts as a Plumbing Emergency?

A plumbing emergency occurs a fixture becomes unusable. If it’s characterized by excessive leakage, dirt and stench, and faultiness, it’s time to call for emergency drain cleaning.

Should I Call a Plumber or Deal with It Myself?

For most people, it’s easy enough to clean and unclog drains and pipes. But if you find that you’re doing it a bit too often, it’s time to seek the right plumber services. A recurring issue often indicates a problem that needs to be fixed in the long term.

How Do I Find a Drain Cleaning Service Near Me?

Ask your friends around, look for reviews on the internet, and trust your gut. Drain cleaning companies are plentiful, and you may just find the answer to “the best drain cleaning near me.” 

Get Professional Drain Cleaning Service with Crandall’s Plumbing

Prevention is better than cure. Avoid emergency plumbing situations and keep your household in tiptop shape with Crandall’s Plumbing. We can aid you in proper drain cleaning, fixing problems effectively, and more. Reach out to us now—we’re always ready to help.

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