The culture of Beaded Phone Charms

Beaded phone charms have a wide range of demand celebrities from Gigi Hadid to Dua Lipa used them on their phones. Beaded phone charms are best for mirror selfies and they are wristlets. It became a new way of carrying your cell phone safely. For people who use beaded phones, it becomes their outfit and you can easily change its straps as you change your bags. Beaded phone charms transform your phone into a purse-type accessory. It has become a cultural phenomenon in countries like Japan and many more. Most Westerners don’t know that these new styles are their roots in ancient Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cultures that go far beyond modern-day fashion and technology. 

This DIY way of making beaded phones was made in quarantine and became very popular in a few seasons. TikTok and Instagram make it so popular in a few months and now many people have a craze for it. Everyone look for mood booster in jewelry and clothes and now they can get them even on phones. You can add your name or any of the mantra that you need to remind you every minute of it. There are many types of beaded phone charm that are as follows:

  • Roxanne Assoulin Rainbow Pearl enamel 

This is a beautiful beaded phone charm that is an accessory which you need to give your phone the OTT personal touch. It is a combination of rainbow enamel beads with faux pearls for decorating your tech. 

  • Rainbow Chain Wrist Strap

If you have this type of beaded phone charm, then no more you don’t need to leave your phone in your bags. Its rainbow pastel array of shades looks very attractive and brighten up your days. This types of chains are 25 cm long and have lightweight. 

  • Talis Chains Beaded phone wristlet

These are adorned with the combination of combination of acrylic beads, and smiley faces between the pearls that provides more glam to your phone. You can hang it to your wrist that will prevent from all common drops. Its length is 35.5cm and is 9mm wide. 

  • Beaded Phone Strap

You have all the beaded necklaces, rings, bracelets and anklets but you are missing your beaded phone charms that are same as outfits which your can change according to your mood. These types of beaded phone charms works as an accessory and it has many smiley, faux pearls, and fruits that are set up along your chain. 

  • The Little Statement Rainbow Phone Charm Chain

They are colourful phone charm chains that are of very close to resembles and used by supermodels. You have many type of varieties in this chain. You can select pearls according to your choice and mood. 

  • Colourful Beaded Phone Charm

If you can’t found your phone with bright colours so you can get these types of phone charms that is a combination of faux pearl, smiley, and fruits. Your phone will good wonderful in it and you can change it whenever you want. 

  • Multi Fruit Beaded Phone Case Charm

This is the one of cutest type of phone case charms. It includes strawberries, apples, and grapes types of fruits that make it look refreshing. 

  • Beaded Phone Lanyard

These types of phone case come in a set of five. These are funny type of smiley that make you happy whenever you check your notifications. These comes in friendship types and helps in matching your outfit more charming. 

  • X REVOLVE Mymymy Phone Wristlet

If you pick up your phone 15 to 20 times, then you need to have this beaded charm. It is a group of row of pearls with a classic. This looks very beautiful in your wrist an can easily attract people around you. 

  • Multi Beaded Phone Charm Flowers 1m Long Length

This is one of the most beautiful charm that brings a smile on your face every time you pick your phone. It is a combination of joyful beads including fruit, flowers, smiley faces, and hearts. 

  • Custom beaded phone charm

You can add your name into it and make its design as you like. You can change its colour. 

According to your outfit. It works as an accessory on your wrist. 

  • Multi Beaded Phone Charm Hearts 1m Long Length

This is the most beautiful charm you have ever seen. Its length is one meter. So you can wear it into your neck or on your wrist. If you wear it on your wrist, then your phone will always close to your hands. 


Beaded phone charms are the modern charms that you get for your phone either online or offline. This is liked by many celebrities and became the cultural phenomenon of many countries like japan. It has many varieties and you can get according to your choice. From wearing on wrist to wearing it to your neck it became a modern way of carrying phone.

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