The Significance and Importance of Identity Verification in Online Platforms

Today, in the ultimate world of digitalization, the chances of fraud and spam are increasing daily, and it is even worse on online platforms. Identity verification is now the most critical initiative in almost every online industry. As a matter of fact, the security of both businesses and customers is the top priority for anyone. The cutting-edge technologies and innovations it is now possible to provide the best security solutions to businesses establishing their base over the web. Artificial intelligence integrated identity verification service is now the most usable and reliable source of preventing synthetic identity fraud. A recent global survey claims that 80% of consumers prefer brands with robust ID verification measures.

Identity Authentication – Reliable security relief for the online industry

Online businesses are playing a vital role in concerning the security hazards in their workflow, starting from the digital onboarding processes. Businesses are applying the all-new more reluctant, and resistant to anti Identity theft technologies. Therefore, it has a great positive impact on consumers. These systems also recognize any kind of identity theft as they are linked with the bigger databases of identities. The real-time biometric identity verification service, which includes facial recognition and thumb impressions, is usually under strict monitoring. Identity verification is now one of the most commercially used security measures worldwide. 47% of the citizens in the US claim to be the victims of serious cybercrimes and to keep user data safe and secure, these identity verification modules are to be immediately activated. 

Improving Businesses with Identity Theft Protection 

Verified identity services accelerate the security measures to a height that customers prefer. Organizations are integrating more efficient and reliable phishing technologies into their workflow, which ultimately gives consumers a perfect security edge. Identity verification services provide multiple advantages to the online industry, as listed below. 

These are the points that can help your business that brings the security integrations on to: 

  • Enhance the user experience 

Almost all online businesses rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning in terms of minimizing security hazards. Online identity verification services streamline the hierarchy, saving fuel costs and travel time and giving ease of communication to business owners and customers. 

  • Reduce cost 

Operational expenses tend to fall after the integration of identity verification into their systems, which is why businesses can enter new markets to expand their client base because all international hazards are now removed with mature ID verification services.

  • Preventing fraud attempts 

This identity verification service minimizes the risk of data theft too. It never allows unauthorized access to clients’ legal and sensitive information. After gathering clients’ data, the ID verification systems help to prevent it from identity theft and other relateable spam. 

How does the ID Verification Solution work?

One of the most commonly used identity theft solutions is face verification software. Unlike many other forms of identification, it identifies the significant features of the consumer’s face and compares them with the large legal databases. The sensors work to detect the iris and other facial features to relate them and find the exact match. There is no physical contact required to fulfill system demands. 

Realtime Applications of ID Verification 

Telecommunication Organizations

These companies have a huge load of customer personal information. As soon as the identity authentication software is integrated, companies use the new system to sign up a new customer legal agreement, such as a contact number issued on the same ID. 


With the help of an online identity verification service, it is now very simple to test drive and purchase a car from a distance. 

Social Media 

Only after passing the identity verification process is the user permitted to register for a social media platform. 

Online Banking 

The most critical industry to apply for ID verification is online banking. It permits online transactions through banking apps and is always allowed, once approved. 


Identity verification services have come a long way. The tech industry is advancing every day and settling into people’s lives due to its usability and ease of use. Technology is now able to automatically verify the information for more secure transactions, surveillance, and other security tasks. As the Shufti Pro news claims, the use of this technology and its inception to its accessibility, AI is here to stay and also to grow big in coming years. No matter what, the latest ID verification systems for an online group of businesses are going to claim their space and demand supremacy. 

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