Tips For Buying a New Scooter

So, you saved up some money and are ready to buy a scooter. But most likely, you do not know all the pitfalls that may be in your way. In this article, we will tell you how to buy a new scooter correctly.

Plastic Inspection

It doesn’t matter if it’s a device from China, Japan, or Europe, you should definitely inspect all the plastic before buying. Now we are talking about new scooters, so we do not take into account used equipment and we will talk about it in a separate article. Even new vehicles can have random damage. The seller needs to sell the goods, so he can hide the slightest crack in any way and persuade you to buy this particular model. The main rule is to pay less attention to the recommendations of the seller. It is better to learn about a specific model on the Internet and on forums, receiving direct feedback from the owners of these models.

It is clear that plastic is a rather fragile material and any accidental drop of the scooter during transportation threatens instant chips or cracks, but it is also easy to glue and paint. Therefore, we repeat, you need to inspect each element of the cladding carefully and carefully – no matter what the seller thinks about you.

Checking the contents

Like any other vehicle, a new 150cc scooter is equipped with various additional accessories, a set of tools, etc. All this is indicated in the passport issued by the manufacturer. Therefore, be sure to check the completeness on the spot and ask the seller for the missing items.


If you doubt your ability to buy a scooter yourself, take a professional with you. You can easily arrange with a competent craftsman in a scooter workshop so that in his spare time for a fee he will go with you and help with the purchase. Again, we understand that the seller should not be trusted.

The right to choose

Even if you have settled on a specific model, ask the seller if there are similar scooters in stock and, if possible, choose from several copies of a particular model. Often what is in stock can be better. In particular, this applies to Chinese scooters, where even the same models can differ significantly in build quality.

Year of issue

The year of manufacture of the scooter is no less important than the year of manufacture, for example, of a car. It’s not for nothing that last year’s cars are sold at a significant discount in the cabin, and two-year-old equipment can sometimes be bought at a 20-25% discount. This is not only due to the obsolescence of technology. During downtime, especially for budget scooters, the battery, and technical fluids become unusable, and for Chinese scooters, even rubber seals, gaskets, and other consumables. Of course, the desire to buy an inexpensive scooter eliminates all these points, but sometimes it’s better to overpay 10% of the cost and buy a fresh device. Again, a professional you bring with you can always help.

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