How to Write an Effective Invitation Email for Your Virtual Corporate Meeting?

Conducting a virtual meeting requires a lot of preparation and planning. You have to do a lot of planning, live streaming, create content & graphics, create an effective invitation mail, and more. Writing an invitation may take a lot of time, but it is the only way to start a sense of excitement in the attendees.

You have to be very particular yet fun to let them know that there is a lot of enjoyment they can look for with your virtual meeting. The main role in your meeting is the virtual corporate meeting platform you choose. You have to ensure that you can provide that level of entertainment, engagement, networking, and communication to the users.

Although it all depends on the features and functionality of the virtual team meeting platform, you have to create an engaging invitation to grab the audience’s attention. Want to know how? Here is a complete guide with steps to tips for making an effective virtual meeting invitation by mail.

7 Steps to Write an Effective Invitation Email for Your Virtual Meeting!

7 Steps that can be helpful to create the best invitation email for your virtual meeting are as follows:

  1. Make an Engaging, Clear, and Concise Subject Line

The first thing that a reader sees is the subject line of your email. So, you have to make it something that can compel them to click and open the email. Try using fewer words with more attractive features. You need to keep your subject line concise and clear to fulfill the optimal length of 41 characters.

As per the virtual corporate meeting platform experts, keep the thoughts in your mind about what you want to say and write them in your words. You can create a perfect line successfully by modifying it again and again. Moreover, it must include your event name, its date, the catchphrase, or the main topic. This way, you can make the receiver at least open the email and read what it is in there.

  1. Make Sure You Brag About the Features of Your Virtual Meeting

You can get more attention with the best virtual meeting platform. It will help you maintain engagement, communication, and networking. Moreover, it will make the virtual meeting experience seamless and immersive for all the users present on the platform. You can use the features in your emails like:

  • Browser-Based Solutions: Ease to join the virtual meeting via a browser on any device. You do not need to download any application or software anymore.

  • Pre-Meeting Scheduler: Book an appointment with the speaker, host, or brand representative even before the event starts.

  • Networking Tables: Join the discussion with other participants and get answers to all your questions on round table chat and calling.

  • AI Matchmaking Tool: Make friends just like you do in an in-person event. Get suggestions based on demographic information and interests using AI technology.

  • Gamification: Play AR/VR games till the time other sessions end. It can be the best break in between the sessions.

  • Virtual Booths with Brand Representatives: Reach the brand booth directly in order to know about the products and services. You can generate a query about anything and get your solution by connecting with the representative via chat or call.

  • Upcoming Activities Notifications: Do not worry, as the notification feature will update the attendees about all the upcoming sessions, changes, and other important announcements.

  • Hoot, Clap, Like, and Emoticons: Express your feeling to the speakers with the provided emoticons, such as heart, like, clap, hoot, and various emoticons.

  • Live Chat, Audio, and Video Call: Connect and interact with everyone present at the virtual meeting using the chat and call functionality. You can conduct a 1:1 or a group chat and call without hassle.

  • Whatsapp And Zoom Meeting Integration: The audience can connect with each other as well as the others, such as hosts, speakers, and exhibitors, using the external meeting integrations. For instance, WhatsApp, Zoom, BlueJeans, etc.

  • Business Card Exchange: Request the business cards to whoever you want at the virtual meetings. You have to send a request for the business card and approve other requests to share your business card with them.

  • Leaderboard: Play and win is the best way to enjoy any game. You can earn scores for AR/VR games and explore the various parts of the virtual meetings platform.

  • AR Photobooth: Take numerous selfies using different backgrounds provided by the photo booth. You can also create a gif with multiple photos captured at the booth.

  • Document Download: View and download various documents, flyers, brochures, pdfs, and other contents from the document library presented at the virtual meeting.

  • Easy Navigation: Explore the endless opportunities at the virtual meeting. You can get 360-degree navigation on the virtual AGM platform to explore the complete ambiance.

  1. Use a Personalized Writing Tone

It can be hard to decide whether to go with a formal tone or informal. But while you are inviting people to your virtual meetings platform, you need to maintain a personalized tone of voice. It will be helpful to make your writing connect with the audience and make them a little interested in your event.

Moreover, not only your writing tone but also your words are the main points to keep a hold on. So, you have to maintain your word choice and make it more connectable and relatable to the audience. In conclusion, use a more informal tone and language in order to make the audience react to your emails.

  1. Provide the Meeting Link for an Easy Check-In or Out

You have to make your email very convenient for the audience. It can be hard to read an email, so search for the event and get the registration. As per the virtual team meeting platform, you can lose a lot of people with such an approach. So, it is better to provide them with a link. It must divert the audience to the registration page in order to get the registration in real-time.

If you leave the receiver with just the information without any links or diversion, it will be a complete waste for you. So, make sure that you keep the audience engaged till the CTA comes and compel them to click with your writing language and tone.

  1. Attach the Virtual Event’s Agenda and Expectations

It is necessary to share complete knowledge about the virtual meeting agenda. You could get them on board without telling them what you will be doing in a virtual event. So, you have to share the agendas with a short description of things covered during the virtual event streaming. WhatsApp Business API Provider is also beneficial for making events easier to use.

As per the virtual meetings platform, you have to embrace their expectations at the level you can fulfil. Don’t overdo it or leave it for the last minute. Keep a grab at the people’s thinking and expectation from your event with your words. Hence, just be brief about your topic a little to engage and make sure the audience reaches your virtual meeting.

  1. Keep the Most Highly Prioritized Points

You may have a lot to share with the audience. But it is required to keep your talk smaller and better. You can get a lot of attention with a precise style of writing. Just keep the most pressing points in your email to keep the readers’ interest till the end and make them click on the link.

Writing a complete story is not required in an invitation mail. Just keep it short and simple with to-the-point sentences. Talk about the agendas you will be discussing in your event. Name all the speakers joining the event and interact with the audience in real-time. Also, leave a sense of suspense that they would like to know by coming to your virtual AGM platform.

  1. Don’t Overly Long Emails!

Lengthy writing can drive your audience away without even getting the complete information you want to share. So, you have to ensure that you add short and clear sentences expressing all your ideas and topics in limited lines.

Also, you can prefer the visuals more over the writing. The latest graphics and advanced coloured elements can get you a better connection with the audience. You have to create an email with creativity and innovation. So, you have complete freedom to write what you want with an image or infographics in your email.

Bonus Tips:

Provide the meeting link in order to make it easy for the attendees to join the virtual meeting.

Use attractive CTA in the subject line in order to make the audience make a move asap.

Start your email with the most necessary information first, followed by the next most important information, and end with brief details and context.

Highlight the attendees about the last date and time at the start of your email.

Avoid wordy sentences and unnecessary lines to limit the drawbacks and boredom for the readers.

So, these are the various steps that can be helpful in creating an effective invitation email for your virtual corporate meeting. You can boost your audience and global engagement with such writing. Moreover, choose the best virtual meeting platform in order to fulfil the audience’s expectations.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in creating a better email and inviting more attendees to the virtual meeting.

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