What Are the Most Important Moves Basketball Shooting Guards Should Know

Basketball is a fast-paced game, and you need to make split-second decisions. If you are a guard, your responsibility is to score and help your teammates get open and make plays for each other.

You must have a splendid vision of the court and know where everyone is. This also means that practicing with equipment like the basketball shooting machine is only half the battle. You must also work on your physical conditioning to stay healthy and play top form for an entire game.

This article will discuss the most critical moves basketball shooting guards should know.

What’s the Job of a Shooting Guard?

From the name, you might think that a shooting guard is just someone who shoots. But in fact, they have many other duties as well. For example, they are often called upon to create their shots and score points for their team.

In addition, they’re also responsible for getting open quickly after receiving a pass so they can get off another shot before the defense realizes what happened.

Shooting guards also have defensive roles. They are usually assigned to guard the opposing team’s best player, so they must keep up with that player and ensure they don’t get open for shots.

The best way to practice defense as a shooting guard is to use a machine like the Gun 12K. While it’s like the Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine, the Gun 12K is more versatile because it allows you to practice shooting almost any type of shot. It’s also easier to use than the Dr. Dish because it has a wider range of motion and can be moved around on wheels.

Most Important Moves a Shooting Guard Should Know

These are the most important moves for a shooting guard:

Moving Without the Ball

A shooting guard should know how to move without the ball. When they are on offense, they will often be when they have nothing to do with the ball and must find space on the court where they can get open for a shot.

This may mean they must run around their defender or even through them! It’s crucial for players in this position to move so that when an opportunity presents itself, they are ready to take it. There are several ways that players can move without the ball.

One such way is called cutting when a player cuts across the court to create space between themselves and their defender. Cutting opens passing lanes for teammates who have the ball; they can pass it to the open player and keep possession instead of losing it due to someone else’s defense against them.

The Crossover

The crossover is another crucial move for shooting guards. This is when a player crosses over one of their legs to switch from one side of the court to the other. They can do this while dribbling or without the ball, but it helps a player quickly change directions without losing speed or momentum.

A crossover allows players to get past defenders quicker because they can cut through open space instead of going around someone else blocking their path.

This move also allows players to quickly switch from one side of the court to the other, which is essential because it will enable them to keep up with offensive and defensive players on either end.

The Spin Move

Famous for its ability to confuse defenders, the spin move is a favorite among basketball players. It’s also known as a hesitation or change-of-direction move because it makes other players lose track of where their opponents are on the court.

The spin move allows players to change direction quickly without losing speed or momentum so they can get past defenders more easily. They can make this move while dribbling or without the ball, but it helps a player quickly change directions without losing speed or momentum.

As a shooting guard, you’re often in a position where you’re facing up against a defender. They must not know what you will do next when trying to get past them. The spin move helps keep defenders on their toes because they never know which direction you’ll be going in next.

The Pull-up Jumper

The best shooting guards can get off an excellent shot whenever they’re open, and one of the most effective ways to do that is with the pull-up jumper. The pull-up jumper allows you to take your time, set your feet and create space for yourself before shooting.

As a shooting guard, you’ll often catch the ball on the perimeter or in transition when there isn’t much pressure from defenders around you. When this happens, it’s crucial that you don’t rush your shot or panic because there are no defenders around.

So, pulling up for a jump shot allows you to create space for yourself and get off an excellent shot. You can practice pulling up by taking off from different spots on the court, such as behind the three-point line or under the basket.

You should also practice shooting while moving towards a spot on the floor rather than standing still when you shoot. This will help you become more comfortable shooting while getting open in transition situations.

The Bank Shot

The bank shot is a great option to have in your arsenal. It’s useful when you need to shoot over multiple defenders crowding you or when the ball comes off the rim and needs to go back down into the basket.

An excellent way to practice making this shot is by shooting it from different spots on the court, such as behind the three-point line or under the basket. You should also practice shooting while moving toward an area on the floor rather than standing still when you shoot.

And being a shooting guard allows you to play both ends of the floor.

If you’re a shooting guard and you like to play defense, focus on stopping players from getting open looks at the basket. You should be able to force opponents into making tough shots off the dribble or by playing solid team defense.

Screen and Roll

One of the most challenging things for a player to learn is how to screen. A screen is when a teammate sets themselves up in front of another player and forces them into deciding, such as passing the ball or dribbling around them. If you’re the shooting guard, you can learn how to set screens by watching how players like Steve Nash and Ray Allen do it.

You’ll want to use a variety of screens, including back and down screens. A back screen is when your teammate sits behind you and blocks the defender’s view.


A good shooting guard should have a repertoire of moves at their disposal. They should be able to shoot from long range but penetrate the lane and dish off to teammates for open looks. They can also set screens for their teammates, which helps them get open shots. The best way to learn these moves is using the Gun 12K shooting machine. And it retails at a higher price than the Dr. Dish shooting machine price, but the difference is worth it. You’ll get more bang for your buck with a Gun 12K machine than any other portable basketball shooting machine on the market today.

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